Jincostech History


JINCOSTECH CO.,LTD leads the beauty trends and standards with number-one products which make us to build customers’ trust.


2017        Sep.    Launching of Pressed low-temperature oil mask (Hydrogel Mask pack) - Kiehl's

                        Apr.    Audit of production process from cosmetic global company and pass (Loreal)


2016        Dec.    CGMP Certification

                        Dec.    Korean World-class Product Award 2016 Certification

                        Jun.     INNO-BIZ Certification

                        Apr.    The plant and its products are registered with US FDA 


2015        Sep.    Selected as “Emerging entreprise in Gyeongi-do”

                        Sep.    Completed building CGMP factory

                        Aug.   Launched 2 types of products including ‘‘D.I.Y. Wellage Vita Red’’ from Hugel Phama Co., Ltd

                        Jul.      Launched 3 types of products including “Medi-Heal Flowater Gel Mask French Rose” from L&P Co., Ltd

                        May.   Launched 4 products including “Elensilia-IntraCell Escargot + Placenta Firming” exclusively from

                                   Tae Young Co., Ltd (NS Home Shopping)

                        Apr.    Started building CGMP factory


2014        Dec.    ISO 22716 certified & Capital Increase by attraction of Investment From KIBO

                        Oct.    Factory-2 expanded

                        Sep.    Launched The Face Shop Heaven Grade Ginseng Gold EyePatch

                        Jul.      Own brand ‘ANYPACK’ Obtained CFDA

                        Apr.    Launched COREANA, Balhyo-nokdu pure mask


2013        Nov.    Launched Makebridge 24Miracle

                        Sep.    Launched DIAFORCE Ruby (Japan)

                        Apr.    Capital Increase

                        Jan.     Launched THE GOLDEN SHOP (Japan) Gold EyePatch


2012        Jun.    Launched Coreana LAVIDA, door-to-door product

                       May.   Chitosan Cell-Gel Patent (world’s first)


2011        Sep.    Matsumoto Giyoshi export by TAEYOUNG - Ranked top in drugstores, Japan.

                        Aug.   Capital Increase

                        Jul.      CASADA KOREA export to Europe countries, Launched ESCARGOT HYDROGEL MASK

                        Jun.    H&H N1 export to Japan

                        May.   CRYSTAL CLEAR RIVULET-CJ on TV Home Shopping

                        Apr.    Started NATURE REPUBLIC HYDROGEL MASK-3 TYPES (ruby, sapphire, emerald)

                        Mar.    NS Home Shopping & U.S.A NS Home Shopping     


2010        Nov.    Venture Business certified

                        Nov.    ISO 14001, 9001 certified

                        Oct.    Production facilities certified

                        Oct.    Company laboratory certified

                        Aug.   Certification of Cosmetics Manufacturer

                        Jun.    Establishment of JINCOSTECH CO.,LTD


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