People-Centred Corporate - JINCOSTECH CO.,LTD

As a cosmetic manufacturer, Jincostech makes the best quality Hydrogel Mask Patches in the cosmetics industry by researching to develop the special-shaped products.


Based on the company philosophy, which is " People-Centric Thinking", all the employees cooperate in harmony.
We hope to become globally beloved company with products that meet customers’ wants, needs and satisfaction.
Jincostech values high quality in terms of production. As a global corporation, Jincostech keeps the original intentions of being humble and researching to develop in order to suggest you better items.
월-금 : 9:00 ~ 18:00
런치타임 : 12:00 ~ 13:00
토/일/공휴일은 휴무
페이스북에 공유 트위터에 공유 구글플러스에 공유 카카오스토리에 공유 네이버밴드에 공유